Ordinary Story

Once there was a beautiful princess. she lived happily with her family in a beautiful palace. She had a very kind sister, Princess Jeanine.

One day, a prince from another kingdom married Princess Jeanine. Then they left the kingdom. That condition made Princess Janice (princess Jeanine's sister) lived without her sister anymore, so there was no one kept her all the time. The King who knew the condition, wanted to do something for his younger daughter, Princess Janice.
Two days later, a girl named Jacquelline was invited to the palace by The King and the Queen to accompany Pricess Janice. Princess Janice was happy.
After Jacquelline had came to the palace, Princess Janice had a friend all the time. Wherever she was, there was Jacquelline beside her.
In a beautiful morning, they went to a festival. Then Princess Janice met a handsome boy, Prince Jared. Then they fell in love.
The next morning, Jacquelline told the king that Prince Jared wanted to destroy the kingdom. So, he tried to be closer to Princess in the hope that he could had any information about the kingdom.
When Prince Jared met Princess Janice, the King saw that.
"Hey Janice, my beloved daughter. Stay away from him!"
"He is not a good prince. he wants to destroy our kingdom. now, just go to the palace! and you, Prince Jared don't come back anymore. you will never have my daughter or my kingdom!"

in the palace,,,

"Mom, what is Dady thinking about? I can't understand. why is he so cruel?'
"My dear, he is not cruel. he loves you and our people"
the king heard that and said, "Jacquelline said that Prince Jared wanted to destroy our kingdom and he didn't really love you"

Princess Janice got angry and told this all to her sister when her sister visited her family. then, Princess Jeanine said, "I have known that. actually, when I wanted to see Jacquelline this morning, I found this. this is like a diary, Jacquelline's diary of course. and it was opened when I found it. then I read it. you know what? Jacquelline doesn't like you and Prince Jared love each other. Then, she wanted to separated you."


then, they told to The King and The Queen about that. then Prince Jared and Jacquelline were invited to the palace.
"I'm sorry Your Majesty, I had done this. This is my fault, but I love Prince Jared", Jacquelline cried.
"I can't forgive you. now, just stay away from this kingdom!", said the king.
"And you Prince Jared, I'm sorry for this all. Now, if you really love my daughter, you can marry her."
"thank you, Dady",said Princess Janice
"but, can I ask something?", princess Janice asked to the King and the Queen.
"Would you like to let Jacquelline stay? actually, she is a good girl. You know, she has accompanied me all the time and she protects me all the time. I believe she will find her prince herself."
"thank you mom, dad, I love you"

Finally, Prince Jared married Princess Janice and 4 months later Jacquelline found someone for her life. And they lived happily ever after. :)

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