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Hey It's Me Again!

Hey! It has been a long time! In my previous post, I said that I would like to write about my experience in feeling that I had nobody, but then I just realized that it was really hard to write about that kind of my personal life here. Tried to imagine that some people may read it, it's just too much for me. Okay now let me share my opinion. But first, I have a question. Did you ever feel like you got too excited in learning something? If your answer is "Yes", yeay you're definitely welcomed to my club (I don't really have such a club like that). Nowadays, I've been a kind of girl who is really obsessed in learning something, despite the fact that I got very anxious of being very stupid just because I didn't learn something new. For some people who already knew me well, they would get it. This side of me usually will make some people say, "You're just a stupid beautiful girl who likes to pretend that you are smart" or "I know you're

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