Hey It's Me Again!

Hey! It has been a long time!

In my previous post, I said that I would like to write about my experience in feeling that I had nobody, but then I just realized that it was really hard to write about that kind of my personal life here. Tried to imagine that some people may read it, it's just too much for me.

Okay now let me share my opinion. But first, I have a question. Did you ever feel like you got too excited in learning something?
If your answer is "Yes", yeay you're definitely welcomed to my club (I don't really have such a club like that).

Nowadays, I've been a kind of girl who is really obsessed in learning something, despite the fact that I got very anxious of being very stupid just because I didn't learn something new. For some people who already knew me well, they would get it.

This side of me usually will make some people say, "You're just a stupid beautiful girl who likes to pretend that you are smart" or "I know you're smart so please don't be too arrogant!" (I know that those beautiful and smart words are just sarcasm for me). Usually, I don't even give a damn on those "compliments",but hey I have a friend who loves to learn something as well as me, but she couldn't just say "I don't care"to them because she cares. And those "compliments" are just going to hurt her deeper and deeper. So please, leave her alone, okay? But, if you want to criticize me, please go ahead :)

Okay, back to the topic of being too excited in learning something. Now, I'm deeply in love with this new subject in my life ever. It's a programing language. I was a person who really hated any matters have a deal with programming language. Since I was in a high school, I had always hated this subject to my bone, because I couldn't understand what it really wanted. It was already set on my mind that I could never kick this subject down, and I'm not that kind of person(who think that I will lose before I try). But hey look at me now! I'm too much obsessed in this one kind programming language (I ain't gonna tell you). Even I know that the subject I'm learning now is just the basic(yes I need to learn the basic first, of course), I'm proud of myself.

I told you this because I just want you to know that if you want to know something new. Yo really curious about that. And you think that there's no negative side of learning this thing, please go ahead. Even if it has nothing to do with your career, even it doesn't have any correlation with your education background, but somehow you feel that it will give you something positive, just do that. You have nothing to lose in learning new things, right? (As long as it's positive new things). Or at least I believe that it could give you joy, just like what it does to me :) (if you can see me writing this, you'll see how happy I am just because of learning this new subject).

Sorry if I have the worst writing style ever, but I just can't help it. It just came out of my head and then I wrote it right away. Maybe, my previous job has many things to do with this writing style which is more like talking to a kid. Okay bye bye and see you!

July 2019


  1. yass aku juga. my current obsession: belajar bahasa isyarat :)


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